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Here you can look at a wide palette of digital products.

Industrial design
section visualizes digital products from simple sketches in black/white up to complex coloured concept sketches. The main subject may belong to automotive industry, furniture industry or any other branch.

Technical Illustrations comprehend illustration of different motives. It can be anything from digital files on assembled objects, cross-sections, cutaway or sketches over so called “exploded” objects of design concepts, different objects, products, components.

Instruction Manuals
is that part of my creation that comprehends technical manuals, mounting instructions, fitting instructions, manuals in general, leaflets, etc. I create digital documents in black/white or in colours, in different combinations: text, text and sketches or sketches only. The text may be in different languages as well.

comprise a palette of different sorts of cards, i.e. business cards, wedding cards, place cards, postcards, everything in accordance with the requested requirement.

section is a more extensive category. Here I can create digital files like i.e. contours on different objects for different purposes, labels, logotypes, note paper, letter paper with/without logotype, envelopes with/without logotype, car stickers, etc.

All these products are created as digital original files in various file formats:

We deliver files in JPEG Bitmap JPG, Windows Bitmap BMP, Portable Document Format PDF, Adobe Photoshop PSD, AutoCAD DWG and DXF, Portable Network Graphics PNG, Tagged Image File Format TIFF, Graphic Interchange Format GIF, Encapsulated PostScript EPS, Corel PhotoPaint CPT, Corel Draw CDR, PaintBrush PCX, etc.

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